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Are you Faux Real!

Are you Faux Real!

I don't know about you guys but we've had one crazy week. Last Friday Andrew and I made the decision to put our house on the market. We called our friend Jackie the estate agent, and invited her to come over and have a chat about what we needed to do. Well no sooner said, than done, she only went and ruddy sold it the very next day! Well, for the next two days Andrew and I were walking around the house in a complete state of shock. The woman's clearly a house selling genius, all she had to work with was a few pictures I had taken on my phone.

On Tuesday we put in an offer on the house we really want to buy and it was only blooming accepted (40k under the asking price too)!  I should really point out that this was mostly down to my husbands expert negotiating skills.

After this amazing news my pinterest boards went into over drive with all the new ideas for our potential new home. One thing both Andrew and I would love to have is a brick wall in the kitchen. Unfortunately looking at the layout of the house it's probably not going to be possible. Then I came across fake brick walls or faux as the french like to call it. (Which lets be honest sounds so much better.) These things are amazing you literally can't tell the fake from the real deal. 

With this newly discovered Faux revelation in mind, I've decided for this weeks blog to put together a list of a few little Faux interior gems for you to use in your homes. 

Faux Bricks 

Now who doesn't love a good brick wall interior shot on Instagram. I know I do, but the annoying thing is that we're not all lucky enough to have a beautiful brick wall in our home, but thanks to brick slips, faux brick interlocking panels and faux brick wallpaper you too can now have an Instagram worthy brick wall.

Brick slips or brick tiles are a great low cost way to give the look and feel of a real brick wall, but at a fraction of the price. They can be used on exterior and interior walls, they come in a huge range of colours and styles. There are plenty of special shapes to wrap around each type of corner and can be treated just like a normal tile. 

Brick Panels are a fantastic way to give the look of a real brick wall, they are put up using a tile like adhesive and because they come in large panels you can put up a whole wall in just a few hours. 

Brick wallpaper is a great low cost way to get the look you're after. It's simple to put up and when you get bored and fancy a change its easy to take down again.


Faux Plants

Faux plants are a brilliant way to give the impression that you're green fingered but without any of the actual mess. Gone are the days of the multi coloured plastic plants like Dear Nanny Beanie had all over her living room.

Thanks to people like Abigail Ahern and Wyld Home to name but two, there is a much better selection of faux plants to choose from. In fact it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference.  

Faux Marbling

For thousands of years Marble has been used to decorate the homes of the rich and famous and today nothing much has changed. Marble is still a pretty expensive item to have (if Carrerra marble is around £450 per linear metre for kitchen worktops how much would a solid marble pillar 20 feet high and 3 feet in diameter cost??), but even the wealthiest of people have been known to fake it when it comes to marble.

Painting has always been a very popular way to give the appearance of having real marble.


Plastic Contact sheets, are another great way to give the impression of having real marble but at a fraction of the price, you can buy them in every good DIY store, but as always more choice online. It works particularly well on counter tops and splash backs or any flat surface.  It will instantly give your home a more expensive look and feel. With the added bonus that if you get fed up with it in a couple of years/months, you are not stuck with it! just simply peal it off. "Winning" ! 

Faux Fur

Who doesn't love to a snuggle on the sofa on a cold evening with a gorgeous fur cushion or blanket, but hates the thought of how its made. Just like faux plants, faux fur has come a long way since that awful plastic feeling stuff you used to be able to buy on the market stalls - we all remember that fluffy pencil case we had at school!! 

The most important advantage of using faux fur is that you are free of the guilt of knowing animals were killed just to make our sofas and beds look pretty. Thanks to animal protection laws the government banned fur farming in Britain in 2003. Although shockingly it can still be imported from other countries despite the ban. 

Another great reason for using faux fur is its low cost, It's a much cheaper alternative to expensive real fur. It is also much easier to look after and keep clean as most faux fur throws and cushions are machine washable.

More Faux

So what else that is faux worth a look?

Pleather - Faux leather - wipe clean and less cost - winner!

Engineered wood flooring - Real wood tops on a plywood base, all the realism of wood, but structurally more stable and can be used with underfloor heating - winner!

I am sure there are loads more so why not add a comment and prove you know more than me haha!

So are you Faux Real?

With the advancements in realism, quality and price, perhaps the question should be why aren't you faux real?

Like many things in life sometimes the real thing is best, i.e. plants release oxygen and remove pollutants that a faux plant will not, but why not mix and match, especially if you have a dark corner in the house that no plant has ever survived in, or a really baking hot windowsill that everything turns to a crisp on, then these would be good times to go faux!

Gone are the days where friends will turn up their noses at faux, especilly when they realise how much it cost you.

Go faux it!!

Thanks for reading...

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