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Lets Get Hacking people!

Lets Get Hacking people!

Okay, first things first my apologies for not posting in a couple of weeks, but when you and your husband are trying to sell three houses buy one and still be functioning adult's doing your best to survive the Easter holidays, with two hyper small people running amock, somethings gotta give! and unfortunately, one of those things had to be my blog, but never fear, now I'm back and on top blogging form.

Some exciting news is that we have sold our house and the cottage on the Isle of Wight and had our offer re-accepted in the house that we wanted and at 10k less than last time! clearly, my husband's a negotiation ninja! (he'll like that I've said that!)

Our new proper grown up house. Eeek!

Our new proper grown up house. Eeek!

With everything now moving along nicely, I can now start focusing on the more important things when buying a new house "Decorating it" as we are lucky enough to be moving to a larger house this will mean we will have to watch the budget when it comes to the interiors.

Now, never let it be said I don't love a good challenge! so I was straight on to Pinterest for inspiration. It was on here that I found countless posts on IKEA hacks. Now I've had a go at painting a few pieces of furniture from IKEA, "some more successful than others." I've even taken out a couple of KALLAX chubby dividers to create one big shelf. all very tame really as there are some amazing ideas out there.

Funny how just taking out two divides can make such a difference. 

Funny how just taking out two divides can make such a difference. 

Here are a few of my chosen favourites that "I might" even attempt to do myself once we've moved into the new house. But if you're feeling your inner DIYer needs something fun to try why not have a go your self.


The little wooden table hack.

First up we have the IKEA, Marius stool and wood slice table.This is pretty easy one to start with, although the one tricky thing about this could be getting hold of the wood. Let's be honest a quick google search should put you in the right direction. depending on where you can sauce it, you might even be free too. As the stools only £3.25 this is definitely a nice cheap craft for any DIY beginner to start with.     

The sheepskin and spay paint hack.

For my second choice, I've chosen the oh so simple but incredibly effective gold sheepskin chair. This hack is guaranteed to bring the cool factor to any room and it will definitely get people talking.   

IKEA chair (couldn't find the one shown) a can of gold spray paint and the IKEA Ludde sheepskin starting at £30. or the Tejn faux sheepskin at just£10. 

The West Elm Dresser inspired Hack. 

OK, let's take it up a notch, this dresser is a perfect example of what can be achieved with the right kit and a bit of time and patience. The IKEA Tarva set of six draws costs £125. the rest of the items can all be picked up from your local hardware shop and shouldn't come to more than £30. Making this a low/medium priced hack, but it's still a fraction of the price compared to the real thing which can go for over a £1,000 on the high street! This is not the quickest of hacks ether, so I’d save this one for when you have a free weekend.

click on the link for the how to guide ...  Hack via Kristina Lynne   

click on the link for the how to guide ... Hack via Kristina Lynne  


The Billy bookcase hack.

Now, we all know how amazing a built-in bookcase can look, but we also know how expensive they can be. So if you're watching the pennies or you just fancy a DIY challenge, then this hacks definitely for you. 

This really is the ultimate hack that's guaranteed to give you the beautiful built in look you want but without the costly price tag.

the classic IKEA billy bookcase 

the classic IKEA billy bookcase 

The Billy bookcases start from £45 for a tall single unit and £55 for the double, you will also need to include any extra accessory's such as draws or cupboard doors. plus the extra wood and tools. So depending on the amount of bookcases you need, it shouldn't cost you too much. 

The image below is a superb example of getting the billy bookcase hack right. It was created by Award winning blogger,  Malcolm Begg aka Design sixty nine. Click on the link to check out how Malcolm took four low cost IKEA bookcases and turned them into one sexy, expensive, bespoke triumph.        


If like me, you are a DIYer, that loves nothing more than hitting the local B&Q, getting your paint brushes and power tools out and trying something new. Then I would definitely give an IKEA hack a go.

For more fantastic hacks, why not check out @ikeahackersofficial on Instagram or, simply type in Ikea hacks into Pinterest. They're both packed full of amazing ideas just like the ones I've shared with you today.



The side effects of Ikea Hacks may include: 

No more free time to watch the golden girls,

So many Allen keys you can't close your toolbox,

Eating far too many Swedish meatballs than is really necessary,  

knowing all IKEA staff so well you get invited to the staff Christmas party.


I would love to see any of your hacks you do. So please feel free to tag me in any of your posts on Instagram. @matthewshawinterior_styling Or post your pictures in the comments below.  


Thanks for reading and happy hacking...




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