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Yard Sales, and why we should all be doing them!

Yard Sales, and why we should all be doing them!


I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely a sufferer of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Which basically means when the weathers crap you feel crap, and this winter has been hideous, at one point I felt like it was never going to end. We've had it all, freezing winds, hailstones, snow and rain! Oh and don't even get me started on the beast from the east, it half killed my poor hibiscus in the front garden! 

Suddenly from out of nowhere, we get a heat wave and not the oh I don't have to wear a jumper today kinda weather, no, we're talking did we just bypass spring and go straight into the middle of summer kinda weather. I even had my outside sofa cushions out for nearly a whole week, but it wasn't long before the weather turned and the jumpers were back on, and the normal spring weather was back on track.

One of my favourite things about this time of the year is having a good old spring clean. I love going through the house and giving everything a good scrub (sad I know). Anyway, this summer we're moving house, which means this years spring clean has gone into overdrive. Not only are we cleaning the house top to bottom, but we are getting rid of so much stuff we no longer want or need. This then gave me the idea to have a yard sale. 


A yard sale, or garage sale if you'd rather call it, is a great way of getting rid of loads of unwanted items you have laying around the house, and making a little cash from it - win-win.  The other half and I went around the house making a list of all the things we didn't want any more. We also had a garage full of housewares and furniture from our Isle of Wight cottage, which we had recently sold to get rid of (well the things I didn't want to keep).


If you fancy having your own yard sale, one great tip is to make sure you advertise it well first. I found the best way to do this was to use social media, Facebook and Instagram are fantastic for this. I went onto all my local Facebook selling pages and posted pictures of some of the items I was selling, along with all the information of when and where the sale was taking place. Posting stories on Instagram helped me to reach out to people that aren't in my local area, but might be interested in coming along. Lets also not forget the power of pen and paper, before I knew it two very eager little volunteers, with their hands full of crayons had more than enough yard sale signs done in no time. We taped them along the outside fence ready to attract all the passing trade.

Actual footage of me waiting.

Actual footage of me waiting.

The sale started at ten o'clock, we were all eagerly waiting ready for the hordes of customers to come flooding in, ten minutes later still nothing! Hooray! Our first customer arrived, in the shape of a very inquisitive older gentleman with a rather timid looking little dog that didn't leave his side the whole time. After having a good look round, I said hello to him and asked if he'd seen anything he might like? He turned to me and said, oh I don't want to buy anything, I just wanted to look at your new driveway! It was at this point I thought to myself this is going to be a complete disaster! 


Thankfully, it wasn't long before more people started to arrive, and that actually wanted to buy things (always a bonus). Before we knew it, we were all chatting and haggling away, and in no time at all, we had really started to sell a lot of items. By one o'clock, the sun was beating down and the temperature was hitting the high twenties! In fact, it was now so hot that the large metal IKEA pendant lights were too hot to touch, but this didn't stop all the bargain shoppers, they kept on coming, so much so that we kept the sale going on for an extra three hours. At three o'clock we decided to call it a day, amazingly we didn't have that much left over. Anything I thought might still sell I put on the selling pages, and all the little bits and bobs I boxed up ready to go to the charity shop the next day.

As we counted up the day's takings we realised that we had actually done really well, £1,500, to be exact. How amazing is that! So with our pockets full and the garage finally empty, we decide to put the money towards something we would each like for the new house. Andrew has his sights on a new sound system as our current one has died. I would like some whale wallpaper from House of Hackney for the new downstairs loo, and the girls are desperate to have a trampoline in their new garden. 


So if you want to have your own Yard sale here are a few key tips to help make it a success.

1* Use social media to get the word out, go on all the local selling pages to show people when, where and what time your sale will be. Don't forget the pulling power of putting up signs around your local area too.

2* When it comes to pricing things up I found a quick and easy way to do this was to simply use a roll of masking tape and a black sharpie. Job done in no time. remember don't make things too cheap at first, yard sales are all about haggling so always expect the price to come down. 

3* If you don't have much to sell, why not ask your neighbours if they'd like to do it with you. this will not only increase your selling chances but it's also a great way of bringing the community together.  

4* Plan ahead, give yourself plenty of time to set up before you start the sale. also keep a check on the weather, a gazebo is a handy thing to stop the rain from dampening your sale.  

5* Get the whole family involved, if you have kids you'll know they can accumulate crap better than anyone. I gave both my girls a box each and got them to fill it with all the toys they no longer wanted. This is a great way to get them to give up their old toys without the drama of you doing it and then getting screamed at. 

So why not have your own yard sale, get the whole family or your neighbours involved. It really is a great way to have a good clear out have a bit of fun and make some money. You never know you might be surprised just how much you make?


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