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Is it time to ditch the grey?

Is it time to ditch the grey?

As I sit here in the the mother in laws annexe aka “ The West Wing.” I cant help but feel uplifted by the bright and warm colour of the walls. Which I have to say feels rather alien to me, as in our last house we were fifty shades of grey all the way. So naturally I thought this would be something we would carry on into the new house, so imagine my surprise when the mother in law decided she would like her living room painted lemon yellow! what? lemon yellow? Now if you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while you’ll know I’m no stranger to using a bit of colour in our last home, but it was on a much smaller scale and never a whole room. Yet for some strange reason I’m now thinking about the prospect of introducing colour to our new home, and not just a little bit here and there either, oh no, I’m thinking big, bold and beautiful!

this stunning picture is via  @fixadona

this stunning picture is via @fixadona

I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing says big and bold quite like a sumptuous jewel tone. I know this is a thought that would make a lot of people run for the hills. But I really believe when applied correctly, a bold colour choice can transform your home. This is beautifully demonstrated in the image above by Fixa&Dona. I love the way they have used a bold green wall colour, and carry it though onto the woodwork and side unit creating a beautiful cohesive look.

If like me you’re keen to ditch the grey and go bold but not sure how or where to start, I would suggest to start off with a smaller space. One of the best place’s for this is the downstairs loo, or cloakroom as all the estate agents like to say.

One of the great advantages to going bold with colour in the downstairs loo, is that they are usually located under the stairs or a converted cupboard. This means they don’t always have the best natural light coming in. Which means its the perfect space to express your personality with a strong paint colour – such as navy, purple or even a mustard – or why push the boat out and go for an extravagant wallpaper. Another bonus is they are usually quite small rooms so you could probably get away with just one roll- (wallpaper that is).

dark loo.jpg

The above image is by the Jersey ice cream company. I love the contrast between the richness of the paint on the wall against the gold of the vintage mirror and lion head towel holder. Giving the room a dark and moody feel but still keeping the simplicity and sophistication.

papered loo.jpg

What I love about this next image by Perini is on first glance you would think it has been wallpapered but believe it or not they’re actually tiles! This completely elevates the humble loo to a whole new level, and would be a sure fire way to make a really bold yet playful statement in your home. You’d definitely be the envy of the street with a loo like this, or the ones in the street that have been fortuitous enough to be invited.

If you want to take things up a gear then why not go bold with wallpaper? The talented lads from Divine Savages - Jamie & Tom, have the most spectacular range of fabrics, wallpapers, prints and homewares you could ever imagine. They even have shower curtains!

image by  Divine Savages

Jamie and Toms dramatic wallpapers will really make your room one that people won’t forget in a hurry. In the image above the combination of the emerald Crane Fonda wallpaper and emerald velvet sofa look fantastic contrasted against the natural wood floor and the coral velvet cushion in the same pattern as the wallpaper. Now granted a velvet sofa isn’t always the most pratical choice of sofa, especially if you have young children or pets. Possibly swap the velvet for a different fabric in the same colour that’s easier to look after or maybe go with leather. Either way having this much emerald in the room is like living with Elizabeth Taylor!

Zsa Zsa, Crane Fonda and DecoMartini are just three of the divine Savages wallpaper designs.

Zsa Zsa, Crane Fonda and DecoMartini are just three of the divine Savages wallpaper designs.

If wallpaper isn’t floating your boat, don’t worry there is still a vast range of bold and beautiful paint colours out there. One lady who is definitely not shy of a bold colour is interior designer and colour queen Sophie Robinson. What this lady doesn’t know about colour, honestly isn’t worth knowing.


Sophie and her husband Tom, are currently renovating their beautiful Sussex cottage. Recently they have finished the hall stairs and landing, which Sophie has painted in Lazuli by Zoffany paint. I like the way Sophie has painted the ceilings and stairs in a bright white paint and used a lighter patterned floor tile. This has helped to stop the boldness of the blue wall colour from overwhelming the space. This has also been achieved by added lots of different texture’s and colours, such as the bright rose stair runner, chevron landing carpet and patterned rug. The rose ash painted front door and yellow wall clock which all help to divert the eye around the space.


I know this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and yes grey is a safe colour that wont (usually) let you down. For me though I think what Sophie has cleverly done, is to take an area of the home, that would normally be overlooked as a safe, almost boring space. And completely transform it into a space that is full of life. It has become a part of the home in its own right rather than just an area that take you from one part of the house to another, now it invites you to stop and enjoy it.

Granted, big, bold colours aren’t for everyone, and rightly so. If we all liked the same thing, life certainly would be less interesting - and Instagram would be dull as hell! For those of you that fancy trying something new, whether it be with paint, wallpaper, tiles or even just some fancy new scatter cushions. I say go for it, there’s a whole range of amazing colours out there. So be brave, be bold, be bodacious, but most of all have fun with it.

Thanks for reading.

The West Wing.

The West Wing.

Poppy's bedroom makeover.

Poppy's bedroom makeover.